Monday, July 2, 2012

Height Discrimination And Heel Lifts

It is so sad to see so much discrimination in the world today. Discrimination does not just involve race, color, creed or sex. Would you be amazed if I told you that there is such a thing as height discrimination Discriminating against someone because of their height does sound ridiculous but believe me it exists and can be just as hurtful as any of the other better known varieties of discrimination. I have suffered my whole life from height discrimination, from the teasing and bullying at school to the not so obvious discriminatory tactics employed in the workplace. I am lucky that I have found a solution, it is maybe not everybody's answer but it has worked for me and continues to do so. Without heel lifts, yes heel lifts, I might still be looked over for promotion, ignored by the majority of the opposite sex and suffer feelings of worthlessness and obviously have very very little self confidence. When I first heard about heel lifts, I was still a teenager with problems in all the ususl aspects of life. Spots, enormous failings with the opposite sex and I was as shy as is humanly possible. I was well aware of the social phobia that was associated with heel lifts and how they were looked down on. I very nearly didn't try them, believe me I was terrified of having them discovered by someone not least my closest friends. I finally worked up the courage to buy some heel lifts and hurried to the local shops to buy some. I was to be disappointed. Nowhere in my local town could I find even a hint of any heel lifts. I was devastated, It had taken me a long time to pluck up the courage and now I was denied. It nearly ended there, I had fantasized about gaining height and now I was feeling more depressed than ever. I was reading a national newspaper when the answer hit me, inside the paper was a classified adverts section and right at the top of the page was a small advertisement, extolling the virtues of a good height and offering to give the reader that extra height by means of a miracle new product, heel lifts !! I was delighted, here was a chance to order heel lifts through the post, have them delivered to my door, in a plain brown package, no need for a traumatic trip to the local shops, no need for any embarrassment while asking a beautiful shop girl where the heel lifts were shelved. I sent off my money to the post box advertised and waited with bated breath for the prize to arrive. When my heel lifts arrived I was delighted that the wait was over and by the obvious increase in height they gave to me. I was now on level terms with the rest of humanity and knew straight away that my life had changed for the better. That was over 20 years ago and I am still a user of heel lifts, I am though, now amazed at the improvements made to the miracle product. They are available in so many styles and so many gradients of height increase. Some are adjustable, adding or taking away components to adjust the possible height gain, some are full insole inserts and some are half insole inserts. Some are even transparent and sold with the claim of invisibility, I have never used the invisible heel lifts and so cannot comment on their effectiveness but have no reason to doubt the claims. Anyway if you are at your wits end and feel that your lack of height has resigned you to a life of torment, do not give up. There is an answer to your lack of self confidence, there is an answer to all your worries, it does not even require the price of a newspaper, just log on to the internet and withing minutes you will have secure yourself a pair of life saving heel lifts.